Nha Trang Surfing
Let your Surf Adventure Begin
Your Surf Level Assessment
Our Beginners Surf Classes are suitable for anyone who: has never surfed before, has only a little experience with surfing or it’s been a long time since you last surfed. 
For intermediate surfers who wish to work on their surf skills, we offer private intermediate surf courses. You are an intermediate surfer if you can catch waves without assistance and comfortably traverse (turn) across an unbroken (green) wave in both directions. In general an intermediate surfer has been surfing anywhere from a few months to several years.


All surf courses are 3 HOURS. Including travel time, you should set aside roughly 5 hours for surfing with us.
Please understand that because Bai Dai Beach is an undeveloped area, the school is not open all day on Bai Dai Beach, but only during the time that surf courses are being held. The surf courses are held at the best time for surfing each day based on the tide & wind forecasts. Usually this means surfing in the early morning from 7am, when its still glassy.
Every day our instructors will choose the best time & tide for the best surfing condition and inform all surf students and rental customers the day before. This is usually in the early morning from 6.30am onwards.


For those who have never surfed before, our 3 hour Lesson Plan starts with 35 minutes of Beginners' Surf Theory. Thereafter, we start practicing in the water with instructors during our 1st Surf (35 minutes), followed by a 15 minute Water Break. After that, the instructors will take the students for our 2nd Surf (35 minutes). Once the instructor has completed the lesson, the students have an additional 60 minutes to surf independently without instructor assistance. This helps cement what they learnt in class earlier.


The following facilities are available at our surf spot:
  1. Shower Rooms
  2. Changing Rooms
  3. Toilets
  4. Shaded Rest Area
  5. Rash Vests + Surf Pants


  1. Do trim your fingernails and toenails short prior to class.
  2. Do remove all jewellry, spectacles/sunglasses and headgear during class.
  3. Please wear contact lens if needed.
  4. Please do not bring any valuables to attend class as much as possible, e.g.: leave your expensive jewellry, watches, passports etc in the hotel.


Below is a suggested list of things you may wish to bring along for your comfort:
  1. Dry Change of Clothes
  2. Straps for spectacles or Swim Goggles (if you need)
  3. SUNSCREEN (!!)
  4. Swimsuit / Surf Shorts
  5. Towel for Shower
  6. Basic toiletries (optional)
  7. Extra water & snacks (optional)
  8. Sandals/ flip flop

How to Pay for your Surf Class:

At the moment, we are only able to accept cash payments in USD or VND on the spot or payment in advance by Paypal (with 3% surcharge).
Payment can be made before your surf class or rental begins.
We are unable to accept credit cards or other forms of electronic payment, including Alipay, Wechat Pay etc. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
For those who have always wanted to try surfing, Bai Dai Beach near Nha Trang City is an excellent place to start, with its warm shallow waters and gentle waves. Our school specialises in teaching complete beginners who have never surfed before with the most patient and attentive surf instructors, all of whom are experienced surfers who know the surf spot well and will choose the best time, tide & specific location for the surf classes.

As the surf spot on Bai Dai Beach is a 40 minutes drive from Nha Trang City, every day our instructors will choose the best time & tide for the best surfing condition and inform all surf students and rental customers the day before. This is usually in the early morning from 6.30am onwards. At the appointed time, our car transfer service will pick up everybody from their hotels and bring them out to the surf spot, where we will enjoy 3 hours of surf fun, before returning to Nha Trang City thereafter. The entire experience spans about 5 hours on average, similar to most half-day tour programs, so you will want to set aside enough time for your surf adventure.

As the water temperature remains mild all year round, no wetsuit is required for surfing in Nha Trang. You need only bring: your swimsuit/surf shorts, sunscreen & a towel, i.e.: things you would normally bring to a beach. All surf equipment and accessories including rashvests are provided by the school. You can also check out our suggested What To Bring list above.

Payment for the Surf Classes & Surfboard Rentals can be made on the spot (in cash by US Dollar or Vietnamese Dong), or in advance (by Paypal (with 3% surcharge)).

If you have never surfed before, then your first-ever surf class will start with a short theory session to educate you on the basics of surfing (see Lesson Plan). We will teach you the correct technique to stand up on the board, how to paddle and catch waves, how to ride the waves, how to handle the surfboard safely in the water & other essential skills.

If you surf with us over the course of several days, the instructors will monitor your individual surfing progression and develop your surf skills to include learning how to turn the surfboard, how to accelerate & control speed whilst riding the waves and proper techniques to progress to the next level of surfing. The instruction will be addressed to your specific ability.

Our photographer goes every morning to shoot the last surf session and the best photos & videos will be featured on our website, Instagram & Facebook. The photos & videos are available to the students for free. For returning students, we provide regular photo & video reviews of your surfing during which we analyse your surfing and advise on the correct technique.
$140 book
$180 book
$150 book
SEMI PRIVATE 1:2 $260 book
Surfing in Nha Trang Surfboard Rental

Price $15 for 3 hours

Optional Car Transfer +$15 per person

You may opt to join our car pick up service to & from your hotel and the surf spot.


Because Bai Dai Beach is an undeveloped area, the school is not open all day on Bai Dai Beach, but only during the time that surf courses are being held. As such, the time of surfboard rentals must coincide with our surf courses. The surf courses are held at the best time for surfing each day based on the tide & wind forecasts. Usually this means surfing in the early morning from 7am, when its still glassy, and when it is the best time for riding some waves.

Minimum Safety Requirements

To rent a surfboard, you should be able to catch waves independently. You must also be able to identify where channels lie and know how to exit safely if caught in a riptide.

Type of Surfboards & Sizes Available

Currently we only have soft-top longboards available for rent.
Sizes : 8" / 9" / 9"6 / 10"

For More General Information

See above "Surf Class General Information" for What to Bring, Facilities, FAQ etc.
Nha Trang Surf Conditions
Nha Trang Surfing
At Single Fin Surf School, you can surf the easy waves and warm waters of Nha Trang, Vietnam from September to April each year.
The water temperature is between 24-27 degrees all season. No wetsuits needed!
Within 30-45 minutes driving distance of Nha Trang city, there are a number of reef spots and beach breaks that the local surfers and surf students frequent.
For Beginners
It is great to learn here with us! Single Fin Surf School teaches on Bai Dai Beach near Nha Trang city, an excellent beginner's beach break with gently rolling waves. No worries even if you don’t know how to swim - we conduct our surf courses in waist-deep shallow waters so students can walk around in the waters with their surfboards.
Bai Dai Nha Trang Surfing
Surfing in Nha Trang
For Surfers
Bai Dai Beach is excellent for longboarders particularly at the beginning (Sept/Oct/Nov) and towards the end of the surf season (Feb/Mar).
When Bai Dai gets too big, you will also have fun going around exploring the various reef spots Nha Trang has to offer, such as Hon Chong Reef and the Dark Reef. Both left and right-handers are available, with waves between 2-5ft high.
Surfing Nha Trang
Dear all,
Subject to suitable wave and tide conditions, we are open for surf lessons everyday between September to May. We look forward to surfing with you and sharing our fun in the waves!
Q: Is transportation to Bai Dai included in the price of surf courses?
A: Yes, if your hotel or guesthouse is located in Nha Trang city centre within 0.5 km radius from the Intercontinental Nha Trang Hotel. We pick up students from their hotels & guesthouses and bring them to Bai Dai Beach for surfing. We also bring the students back to their hotels & guesthouses after surfing. If your hotel or guesthouse is located outside this area, we can still provide car transfer subject to an additional charge (depending upon your specific location). For example, if you are staying at the Amiana Resort & Spa or at the Champa Island Nha Trang, the car transfer will be subject to an additional US$10 surcharge.
Q: Is all surf equipment included in the price?
A: Yes, all surf equipment is provided by Single Fin Surf School.
Q: What else is provided in the price of surf courses?
A: For surf course students, Single Fin Surf School provides complimentary rash vests (for protection against sun and abrasion), a small bottle of water and a small snack during break-time.
Q: Is the time of your surf course flexible?
A: The time of the surf course will be decided by the instructors based on the day’s tide and wave conditions. Especially for beginners, this ensures maximum safety for the students and allows Single Fin Surf School to provide the most enjoyable surfing experience. As such, the timing of the surf course is set by Single Fin Surf School, and cannot be adjusted to suit the personal schedules of the students.
Q: Can I use the board after my surf lesson?
A: Yes, the board can be rented for an additional charge (please see our prices for Surfboard Rental above) once the surf lesson has finished.
Q: What are the methods of payment that you accept?
A: We accept cash in the following currencies: Vietnamese Dong and US Dollars. We also accept Paypal at an additional surcharge of 3%.
Q: When can I pay for my surf course?
A: You can pay for your surf course in cash at the start of the surf course, so simply bring along your cash payment at the start of the morning. Alternatively, you can pay us via PayPal in advance of the day of your surf course.
Q: Can I come along with my friend or family member to the surfing lesson with your transport?
A: Yes, subject to an additional transport charge of US$15 per person. This charge covers both to & fro transportation for the additional person. Please understand that our transfer service is a third party service provider so we are unable to provide transfers for non-surfing friends & family members for free.
Q: How far will I progress if I attend the 2 Days Beginners Surf Course, or if I surf over many days with the Group Surf Class?
A: For those who have never surfed before, the first day of your Beginners Surf Course will be focused on teaching you to successfully ride whitewater waves. The course will cover basic surf skills including safe handling of surfboard in the ocean, paddling technique, how to jump up and stay on the surfboard, basic surf safety know-how & basic ocean knowledge (channels, riptides etc.). On subsequent days that you surf with us, our instructors will impart further surf theory & surf techniques to you as is appropriate to your level of surfing & progress. Beyond riding whitewater waves, our instructors can expand your surf ability to include identifying good waves and wave peak location, independently catching waves, how to turn both ways on the surfboard, how to accelerate, how to control speed while riding the waves. As for the practical aspect, each student progresses at a different pace and the instructor will build on each student's specific level and ability for execution as appropriate. The progress of each student will vary depending on their individual abilities and the surf conditions they encounter during the surf course.
Q: I booked and paid for the 2 Days Beginner Surf Course, but I wish to cancel the 2nd day after doing only 1 day. Can I get a refund?
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds in this situation, as we would have made manpower and transportation arrangements in anticipation of your prior booking. We also do not provide refunds in the situation where you have started a surf course but halfway you wish to stop (for whatever reason). Refunds are not provided if the lesson is not finished. If you have booked a course but notify us to cancel at least 48 hours before the date of your course, we will provide 100% refund.
Q: What happens if I had an injury during the lesson?
A: Don’t worry, Single Fin Surf School is well-equipped with first aid needs. Also our staff has undergone first aid training. If an injury occurs, we will provide you with on-site first aid assistance. If necessary, we will then transport you to a suitable clinic in Nha Trang city.
Q: What happens if the weather conditions changes to become unsuitable for surfing?
A:  Before starting the surf course, if surfing becomes unsafe due to changed weather conditions, Single Fin Surf School will contact you to re-schedule for another day. If rescheduling is not possible, we will refund your surf course fees for that day. If the weather changes whilst the surf course is ongoing, we will either continue the lesson on the beach or cancel the remainder of the surf course. Unfortunately in this situation, no refund will be provided.
Q: Can I cancel my booking on the day of the surf course?
A:  Cancellations on the due date and no-shows will be charged 100% of the course fee.