What to Bring

1. Dry Change of Clothes

2. Straps for spectacles or Swim Goggles (if you need)


4. Swimsuit / Surf Shorts

5. Towel for Shower

6. Basic toiletries (optional)

7. Extra water & snacks (optional)

8. Sandals/ flip flop

Surf Course Student Privileges:

1. Complimentary hotel transfer to & fro Bai Dai Beach

2. Complimentary small bottle of water & a small snack  


1. Shower Rooms

2. Changing Rooms

3. Restrooms

4. Shaded Rest Area

5. Rash Vests + Surf Pants

6. Packed Lunch & Drinks (Order in Advance)

Beginners - Learn to Surf

Suitable for all ages from 12 to 60, at all levels of fitness

You don't need to know how to swim - we teach in waist-deep waters so you can walk in the shallow waters at all times.

$80 per pax - 3 Hours
1 Instructor to 1 Student 
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">BEGINNER - GROUP CLASS (2 - 10 pax)&nbsp;</span></p>

BEGINNER - GROUP CLASS (2 - 10 pax) 

$50 per pax - 3 Hours
1 Instructor to 2 to 10 Students
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">PROGRESSION 3-DAYS COURSE &nbsp;</span></p>


$150 per pax - total 9 Hours  
Reinforce the essential skills and knowledge you pick up from our surf beginner course and progress over 3 days of surf fun!  
Departure Times from Nha Trang City:

7 am / 9 am / 11 am / 1pm

(depends on tide & wave forecast for the day)


1. Beginners' Surf Theory - 45 minutes

2. 1st Surf Practice - 30 minutes

3. Snack & Water Break - 15 minutes

4. 2nd Surf Practice - 30 minutes

5. Independent Surfing - 60 minutes


1. How to choose a suitable Surfboard

2. Spot Analysis

3. Channel Theory

4. Paddle Technique

5. Pop-up Technique & Surf Stance

6. How to Turn (Frontside / Backside)

7. Safe Surfing: What to Do & What Not to Do

8. What to Do in an Emergency


1. Going down the line

2. Trouble-shooting your pop-up

3. Learning the angled take-off

4. Improving bottom turns & top turns

5. Learning new maneuvers  

6. Tackling whatever other issues you wish to address

$100 per pax - 3 Hours
1 Instructor to 1 Student. 

 Improve your surf. Bespoke to your level.    


Rental Fees do not include complimentary hotel transfer to & fro Bai Dai Beach!

If you want to join in our hotel transfers, the cost is US$15 per pax (subject to availability).

Available sizes : 8". / 9". / 10". 

Suitable for those who already can at least:

1. catch waves independently on a longboard

2. understand about channels


At our surf spot on Bai Dai, there are no shops or cafes nearby offering food & drink.

If you wish to enjoy a delicious packed lunch at the beach after our surf course, we can bring lunch to you!


*Food & drink costs are charged separately from your surf course costs. 

Take a look at the menu and just place your order with us! 

** Food will be packed for delivery so presentation may differ from the illustration above. 


Dear all,

Subject to suitable wave and tide conditions, we are open for surf lessons everyday between September to May. We look forward to surfing with you and sharing our fun in the waves!

Q: Is transportation to Bai Dai included in the price of surf courses?

A: Yes, if your hotel or guesthouse is located in Nha Trang city centre within 0.5 km radius from the Intercontinental Nha Trang Hotel. We pick up students from their hotels & guesthouses and bring them to Bai Dai Beach for surfing. We also bring the students back to their hotels & guesthouses after surfing. If your hotel or guesthouse is located outside this area, we can still provide car transfer subject to an additional charge (depending upon your specific location). For example, if you are staying at the Amiana Resort & Spa or at the Champa Island Nha Trang, the car transfer will be subject to an additional 250,000VND (approx US$10) surcharge.

Q: Is all surf equipment included in the price?

A: Yes, all surf equipment is provided by Single Fin Surf School.

Q: What else is provided in the price of surf courses?

A: For surf course students, Single Fin Surf School provides complimentary rash vests (for protection against sun and abrasion), a small bottle of water and a small snack during break-time.

Q: Is the time of your surf course flexible?

A: The time of the surf course will be decided by the instructor based on the day’s tide and wave conditions. Especially for beginners, this ensures maximum safety for the students and allows Single Fin Surf School to provide the most enjoyable surfing experience. As such, the timing of the surf course is set by Single Fin Surf School, and cannot be adjusted to suit the personal schedules of the students.  

Q: Can I use the board after my surf lesson?

A: Yes, the board can be rented for an additional charge (please see our prices for Surfboard Rental above) once the surf lesson has finished.

Q: Can I order lunch to accompany my surf lesson?

A: Yes, our partner cafe, Taurus Express, works with us to cater delicious packed lunches of your choice for your enjoyment during or after surfing. Please choose from the menu options and place your order with us. Your food & drinks bill will be charged separately in addition to your surf lesson costs.

Q: What are the methods of payment that you accept?

A: We accept cash in the following currencies: Vietnamese Dong, US Dollars and Chinese Yuan. We also accept Paypal at an additional surcharge of 3%.

Q: When can I pay for my surf course?

A: You can pay for your surf course in cash at the start of the surf course, so simply bring along your cash payment at the start of the morning. Alternatively, you can pay us via PayPal at the time of booking.

Q: Can I come along with my friend or family member to the surfing lesson with your transport?

A: Yes, subject to an additional transport charge of 350,000VND (approx US$15) per person. This charge covers both to & fro transportation for the additional person. Please understand that our transfer service is a third party service provider so we are unable to provide transfers for non-surfing friends & family members for free.

Q: Can I request a refund if I’ve paid for 3 days’ surf course, but I end up doing only 1 or 2 days?

A: Yes, in the event that you have days of surf course which you cannot attend but have paid for, we will provide you with a refund in this situation. We do not provide refunds in the situation where you have started a surf course but halfway you wish to stop (for whatever reason). Refunds are not provided if the lesson is not finished.

Q: What happens if I had an injury during the lesson?

A: Don’t worry, Single Fin Surf School is well-equipped with first aid needs. Also our staff has undergone first aid training. If an injury occurs, we will provide you with on-site first aid assistance. If necessary, we will then transport you to a suitable clinic in Nha Trang city.  

Q: What happens if the weather conditions changes to become unsuitable for surfing?

A:  Before starting the surf course, if surfing becomes unsafe due to changed weather conditions, Single Fin Surf School will contact you to re-schedule for another day. If rescheduling is not possible, we will refund your surf course fees for that day. If the weather changes whilst the surf course is ongoing, we will either continue the lesson on the beach or cancel the remainder of the surf course. Unfortunately in this situation, no refund will be provided.  

Q: Can I cancel my booking on the day of the surf course?

A:  Cancellations on the due date and no-shows will be charged 100% of the course fee.